Monday, 18 June 2012


I have grabbed my friends laptop and 3G dongle for a few moments of internet presence.

I am moving house.  Not by choice, but because the landlord wants to sell, so out next Thursday.  Stuff is being packed and shifted to a garage I have use of which is handy.  It's no secret that two of my boys have ASD/ADHD which means all change is anathema to them so packing slowly a bit at a time sounds like stretching agony out but actually with my boys is just getting them used to the idea.  Also as I can't afford removals it takes one small fat woman a long time to shift stuff.

My modem here got broken last week and with only a couple of weeks to go it is pointless to wait ten days and pay £40 for a new one so I'm doing without.  At the new place I'm going with a new provider so electronic wizardry will come free of charge with it.  On Saturday, one of my sons was nearly crying with the frustration of social networking isolation.  He had to go cycling with his brother instead.

Last week my youngest started his first week at boarding school specialising in BESD, which includes ADHD.  I cried for two days.  He loved it.  Thank God.  He goes weekdays, coming home Friday afternoon.  Good job I was packing, filled up my time instead of teaching him.

In other news, when trying to help me pack my son dropped my sewing machine, then tried to fix it, lost some of the screws, got in a state ...  It's been fixed for a couple of weeks, but is still in the shop as he spent the money he had saved to pay to get it mended.  As moving is expensive and it cost £70.80 I am saving up to pay for it.