Friday, 21 February 2014

One Down, Nine To Go!

Along with lots of others, you know who you are, I have joined Katy at The Littlest Thistle in the Finish Along 2014.  I duly went through all the WIPs and number 5 on the list was a denim bag I had started in a rush for my friend which then went horribly wrong.  I think the clue to myself is that phrase "in a rush".  Never a good start!  Still, today I wrestled it out from the back of the cupboard and took it apart.  I discarded the patchwork side, completely, added more denim and a different lining material and sewed it up again.

In truth, it is a completely different style using a large amount of different fabric, but as it is partly the same and the same project for the same person I'm sticking with it as a finish.

I based it on the Triple Zippy Pouch from Debbie at A Quilters Table.  I used 10 inch zips and worked out the sizes of the fabrics whilst watching a double barrel of The Deathly Hallows this morning.  I then spent most of the afternoon and early evening (with a quick stop to cook pasta) sewing it up.

I forgot exactly how to sew the very last bit together until after I ended up with a three inch gap on the outside so I had to bodge it a little with some Pritt Stick and topstitching but in the end I don't think anyone would actually know (I didn't need to say that did I) so alls well that ends well.

I am actually surprisingly pleased with it and I hope my friend is to.  Phew, a finish at last!

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Giveaway Winner :)

It's high time I announced the winner of my blogiversay giveaway.  Thank you all so much for entering and letting me know what you were doing.  It seems like a lot of you like "The Cheap Shop" too.  It is a treasure trove for crafters.  Now on to the important business.

I wrote all your names down and put them in a little bowl.  Then I asked Rory to come downstairs and pick a winner.  Then I got tired of "hanging on" whilst he just "finished this bit" on the X-Box so  I went upstairs and asked him to pick one of your lovely names.  He picked Diane.  Diane commented on my first blog post and has been a follower since then.  Give me an e-mail Di and let me know your address and your package will be winging its way to you.

I've got probably about an hour before the maurading hoards descend so I'm gonna make a start on another of the blocks for Rory's quilt.  It's down to the hand stitched, paper pieced or applique ones now and I've gotta push myself so I'm aiming for two this week (lame I know but it is half-term and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blog Posts Like Buses

In the three hours or so since I last posted I've made another one,  Much more impressed with how this one has come out.  If the other one was the tester this is the polished article.  The zipper is longer and I put the end cover on at the beginning, before sewing anything else, top stitched around the end of the zipper gap easily, used a fusible interfacing on the outside and lining that is like cotton fabric but with sticky dots.  Lovely to use, my favourite at the moment, I'm not sure what it's called though, I just go in and pick up the roll.  Really I should ask how much for a roll I guess.

I love this fabric.  Way back in April 2012 I entered a giveaway hosted by Quilts From My Crayon Box and won four lovely fat quarters of which these are three.  I was so glad to win (I rarely win anything) and have kept them for just the right project.  Today, whilst on the A12 (my preferred place to think!) in the rain (who isn't) I remembered these and thought this was what they had been waiting for.

What have you got just waiting for the right project?

Wide Mouth Zipper Pouch

As usual I'm late to the party.  But at last I've made my first  wide mouth zipper pouch.  I've yet to sew the cover on the end of the zipper but I wanted to photo it and get it on here.  To be homest they are not the greatest photos ever taken what with the British weather an all but concentrate on the content rather than the style!

I really loved making this little pouch and have some thoughts to share:

First up I have to say it is really easy to put together.  It's my first go at boxy corners and they are slightly uneven.  It was getting late and I have to admit to rushing them.

I used and iron on fleece interfacing on the lining which in hindsight was overkill so I will go with a lighter but stiffer one next time.

Lastly I was Mick Mc|Mannus with the zip.  In my head, when I was very good and read all the instructions, I knew which way to manoever the zip but in practice I still did it the wrong way round and had to unpick a  bit.  Still next time I'll know.  Oh, and I just remembered I think on the 10" pounch I will use a 12" zip and sew the cover on first.

Here's the photees ...

I'm off to make another one now.  Hope you had a good day.  Mine was full of dentists and the A12 in the rain.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Two Years? Where Did That Go?

Yesterday was my Second Blogiversary.  Blogging for two years.  Wow, out there and online even with my total lack of technical acumen.  Woo Hoo.  My plan for my blog was to keep a record of my sewing but my life is so much more than this and my hither thither brain makes it impossible for me to stick with just that.  Still, as they say, I'm loving it!!!

Which means it's time for a giveaway.  I dropped Ruby at her dad's (and believe me getting her out of bed on a Saturdaty was no mean feat) and on the way back called into the The Cheap Shop iu Tiptree.  It is not cheap, to be fair it is not expensive either, but it is an emporium of craft gorgeousness.  I was restrained and I did have to get her some soluble vilene for her textiles class.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

So, would you like to win this?

It is six fat quarters, some handmade felt flowers, a skein of Anchor Embroidery thread and a recyled paper sketchbook.

Leave me a comment telling me how you spent your weekend, and if you share this on your blog leave me another comment telling me so for another chance to win it.

Have a good Sunday :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What The?

I have been TRYING to sign into Flickr all day but I just can't.  I sign in via my Google account.  I do not have a Yahoo account. When Itry to sign in again it just goes around in a loop.  At one point it got halfway and asked if I was mumasu and confirm by clicking the google sign, but then it just went back to this. Grr.  I tried to sign in via facebook and then it congratulated me on my new facebook linked flickr account.  I don't want a new one, I want my old one with my photos and groups I'm part of.  I love technology when it works.  It's a bloody arse ache when it doesn't!" I keep getting this

Sorry, there was an error. Please sign inagain with the same account or a different one.
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