Friday, 26 April 2013

I Wanna Make It With You

So, I'm in the supermarket with Kurtis and there on the shelf is Paul Hollywood 's Bread book.  I have been watching this series avidly and I had to have it.  It had five pounds off, no really, it did.

It mirrors the series, each episode being a chapter.  With each recipe for a bread there is the actual bread recipe with lots of photographs and then a recipe to use or accompany each bread.  For instance there is Stilton and Bacon Roll, followed by Celery Soup (only my favourite, could have bought the book for these two on its own!!)

My first make will be the Curried Naan with Sultana and the Chickpea Curry.  No children will thank me for this, but I don't care, just sometimes we get to eat my first choice of ingredient.  

Kurtis, having just read this post, has just informed me that as he is no longer a child he will indeed eat this without complaint and with enjoyment, so there is light at the end of the culinary tunnel.