Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oops I Forgot To Photo

Last weekend my youngest came home from school to tell me they were having a onesie film night tonight.  They have a film night every Thursday.  Could I find one in his size, could I hell.  He is too big for boys and too small for men's and JJB XLB (aka 14) did not have any onesies.  I have been in every shop in two towns.  

So, in desperation I went to The Cheap Shop in Tiptree, home of all things lovely, and bought a pattern, some elastic, some eyelet type press stud snap thingys and the softest fleece they had in the shop.  Which luckily for me was brown camouflage and not pink stars.  It had to be soft.  Really soft, because he won't wear anything that is not soft (it's one of his issues and to be fair it's not a biggie), and for me to get it under the mum-made radar.  They did not have any ribbing for cuffs but I improvised with elastic and casings, put bias binding around the neck seams so he wont feel them and made it look a more like it came from a shop.

It came out really well, I was really pleased with it.  It took about four hours to make and the worst bit was getting the eyelet press stud thingys in with the hammer. They were an absolute nightmare, I got through all 12 of them to put on 6 snaps and I don't know that I wont be putting on buttons on the weekend, but for school I thought they looked cooler. And as I said before, I don't think it ended up looking like his mum made it.  Which, when you are 12 is the worst thing in the world. Apparently.

I jumped in the car rushed off the 30 miles to his school, dropped it off, drove away and realised I had not photo'd it.  Oh Bugger.

I'll find out tomorrow if he wore it.