Friday, 25 May 2012


If you think this is a haystack, then you could be wrong.

Apparently, if you are 12 a haystack could actually mean this.  Today I discovered that being "haystacked" or "stacked" meant someone kneeling down behind you of which you are presumably unaware and someone running up to you and pushing you over the back of the other someone onto the floor.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

That Stamp Fabric

I can't remember whose blog I saw this on, but someone had seen this fabric and wanted to know where to get it.  I saw it this morning in the window of a shop that sells up-market wallpaper and home dec fabric.  I love this shop.  It is small, independant and always has beautiful displays in the window.  Anyway if anyone recognises the fabric as the one they want give 'em a ring or emal or summat.

Well, there's a thing, J has pinched my keyboard and taken it to his dad's and left me the mac keyboard with no screenshot button.  I've looked it up and there's a few ways to screenshot via mac but not on a pc.  I was gonna give you a lovely picture of the shop and everything.  Hey Ho.  Its

County Town Interiors
41 Moulsham Street
 CM2 0HY
01245 358 388

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

East is East

We have been for an all you can eat buffet called East in Southend.  It was great.  All the family were there.  We ate until we couldn't eat any more.  Kids were good.  The small nephew was  babalicious fun and a birthday good time has been had by all.  The lovely lady serving brought Ruby some cake with a candle from behind and we all started singing happy birthday.  Rubes was looking round all mystified and nearly jumped a mile when she put the cake down next to her.  ADHD son was freaking the bean in the car all the way home and Ruby made up a fake radio studio to take everyone's minds off the traffic jam and diversion.  

Good times :)
My Beautiful Baby is 16

Wow, so where did that go.  Sixteen years since Ruby was born.  There have been some tantrums on the way on both sides believe me.  She has a GCSE exam this afternoon so it's business as usual but we have had a really chilled out morning wherein we worked out how to put a profile picture on this here blog.  I'm not sure if I like it massively yet.  It was taken by my good friend Ginger Snaps possibly at Christmas.  Ruby loves it because she says you can see I was having a good time.  I'm bit bothered that it's no eyes and all bosom.  As it's her birthday I'll take her advice.  For now.

She wants this cakeChocolate & ginger torte
   which is a Ginger and Chocolate Torte, to be found on the BBC good food website.  I am too computer illiterate as yet to have worked out how to do a link thingy so you can click and cook.  But it is there I assure you and when I am done writing and have taken her to school for the Ethics exam I will be baking it.  I hope it's good, Rubes chose it but I havn't done it before so I'll let you know.