Thursday, 8 November 2012

Windows 8 - Its not Grr eat

My desktop  was bought at rock bottom price as a stop gap.  It is basic but it does the job, slowly, noisily but it does it.  It has Windows 7 on it which is very good.  I  did at one time have a lovely swanky, tip top, up to the minute computer with XP.  I had it built for me by a man down the road.  That was in another life, in another town and another decade (well 2006 to be precise).  That man's little two room business is long gone and in January my computer finally bit the dust.  It had had four different cases, three hard drives, two CD readers, a new sound card and a new graphics card over the years.  I miss that Dude, I was proud of it, it did not let me down, often, jam sandwich excepting.  

Anyhoo, I got to thinking I "needed" a laptop.  It would have a webcam (which I need to keep in contact with the course tutor).  It would have a card reader (which I also need to upload photos for my course and of course for this here blog) and more importantly I could use it anytime not just outside of when others are doing their facebook homework.  I went to the shops to check them out.  Then I went again, I wasn't making any rash decisions.  Then I decided on Tuesday I was going to finally do it.  

Off I went into PC World as fast my legs would carry me.  "Can I have that one" I said and out and home as fast as the speed limit on the A12 would allow me.

It works brilliantly, it's fast and joy of joys it's shiny purple.  It was not top of the range so was at the lower end of the price bracket, bonus, but hey I'm a 46 year old sewing enthusiast.  I want a typewriter with a memory, I want to muck about with photos and use the internet.  I do not care about "high end graphics" (Jarrod) nor did I Youtube myself taking it out of the box.  

However, Kurtis did threaten to film and Youtube me shouting and swearing at the crappy tablet format Windows 8.  Grr I am not amused.  Everything is on this screen or that screen which you have to pull up or pull down.  You have to go to the top of the screen then drag it off the bottom just to close a window - there's no click the little cross here.  I cannot imagine anyone using it in a business situation.  Why would anyone want to put a touch screen phone system on a computer.  Its mad.  

I will get used to it I expect.  It came free and if I want 7 I have to pay for it and all the money is spent just buying it so that wont happen.  But GRR right now I 8 it.