Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I read blogs via the Blogger Dashboard, so I thought the end of Google Reader doesn't affect me.  Today it dawned on me that people who follow via Google Reader won't be following me unless I sort it out so I am claiming my blog on Bloglovin.  

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I have had a wonderful time taking part in this swap.  It's the second swap I've been involved with and I found it following Julia's  blog, http://liashandmades.blogspot.de/.  I was lucky enough to be partnered with Julia and this is what she sent to me.

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Even the box was pretty.  Julia is from Germany and it seems that there they even have pretty stamps. 
 Here you can see the gorgeous bag Julia made.  It's all applique with beautiful stippled quilting in between.  She also sent me a lovely little hand cut pack of charms, some metallic thread, a big bag of beautiful buttons and the most amazing pincushion which reminds me of a tortoise with pins and beads for eyes.
This is the back.  It's quilted with diagonal squares decreasing in size. 
And here is the pincushion.  Everything was carefully wrapped up in this lovely piece of fabric instead of paper too.


Here is what I sent to my partner ...

I was about to run out the door to post it all off when I remembered I hadn't photo'd it and today is not so bright so I though I'd do it outside.  BUT as I was sending it off to a STRANGER I didn't think they'd appreciate it being on the grass in the garden so I ran back in a grabbed a towel.

Anyhow, this is the back. 
 And this is the front, with a big pocket and magnetic snap.  I made this from Noodlehead's Super Tote pattern which can be bought here http://www.noodle-head.com/2013/05/super-tote-pattern.html .  It's the fist bag I've ever finished (not the first I've ever cut out though!!!)  I started one in different fabric but it just didn't seem to fit the brief she'd given.  The lady doesn't blog so I couldn't stalk her taste but she said, "I am trying to adopt more colors into my life and would love something colorful! I love modern designs and small prints. Elephants, feathers, birds, and nature-y prints are likes of mine."

So, I hope it fits the bill!

 This is the inside with an elasticated pocket and recessed zip.

This purse is another first for me.  It's made from matching fabrics and actually was surprisingly easy, although I probably should not have said that.
And this is the inside of the purse and the other things I sent.  Two fat quarters, some matching thread, some ribbon and some Eton Mess chocolate (I have been guarding this with my life from the marauding hoards for a fortnight).

So, it's all gone across the Pond.  I hope you like it partner.

It's been really good entering this swap.  I have really learnt a lot and my sewing confidence has been given a massive boost.