Thursday, 16 January 2014

Carnival Pants

I've been beavering away on the Lynn Bob Square Pants blocks.  When I started sewing the HSTs Ruby came and looked over my shoulder and commented that she loved the fabrics and asked if I was making it for anyone in particular or was going to sell it.  (They are all on my case to sell, sell, sell.  They are hoping there is a secret million out there, just waiting to be spent on quilts their mother makes.  Little do they know it's only a million buttons!!!)  I told her that originally I just wanted to try out making the blocks in some fabrics I had, then liked it so much I bought more of the batiks to make more blocks and just added in some other colour scraps I had.

At this point she acquired that artful, whistful look teenagers get just before they ask for something.  In somewhat of a coup I pre-empted her and asked if she would like it.  She agreed that she would and then shouted to her little brother," Hey Rory I'm getting a Carnival Pants Quilt" resulting in much riotous hilarity and loud repartitions all around the house.  At this point I must apologise to Lynn for the misappropriation of her block name.

So after sewing in the every spare minute this week I have, Ta Da ... two blocks, some more half square triangles in zip lock bags and 210 3" squares.  Bah, two blocks, pathetic.  its all the cutting and squaring up that takes the time though so fingers crossed next week it'll be, well hopefully, more than another two blocks!

210 3" squares, just in case you didn't know what they look like

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Good Start

I had to wait in yesterday for a door to be delivered (I also waited in on Tuesday) which has still not arrived.  Lots of teeth gnashing about this,


It did mean I had to do something to fill the empty hours.  OK, to be fair I could have done a considerable amount of housework, but I didn't.  Just saying.  So I sewed.  Following on from having a look at some of my UFOs and linking up with Katy, I thought I would continue with one of my WIPs.

I worked on the Pile o Fabric 2013 BOM which I am making for my youngest son, Rory.  He who likes to be wrapped up whilst playing XBOX.  I managed two and a half blocks:

 The Mood block

The Woven Chevron block

and I started the Shattered Chevron block

Considerably more sewing than I've done for a few weeks.  Pat myself on the back.  Can I finish ten things in three months?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Message To Self

With a view to being able to get around my bedroom, I am joining the Finish Along 2014 hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  The list is long, with many a quilt and bag ...

1.      First up is the quilt I started for my friend Sandra way back in 2011. Second lot of quilting fabric I ever bought, made from an Elenor Burns Pattern called Summer Porch.  First (and to date only) layer cake I've ever bought from a site in America. Saw the pattern, loved it, saw the fabric, loved it, got it all together, loved it. It has got some glaring mistakes but hey this was made way back when so it is what it is.  Then.Quilting it. Gulp. It has sat around as a finished quilt top since November 2011.  It has to be finished.

2.     Next up, my Scrappy Trip. It is not very scrappy, I find scrappy hard to do to look good. I have seen many people carry it off with aplomb but when I do it I don't like it much. So, my not very scrappy trip.  Made from two different Coats jelly rolls bought in Hobbycraft plus a couple of extra bits. Guess what. Top made since last summer.  FMQ Gulp. Gotta be done.

3. Gen X Quilter's BOM from last year. Half the blocks are done. 

4.      Pile o Fabric's BOM started. .  Not even half of the blocks are done. I had a "bright idea" with this one.  Look at this quilt Rory, Isn't this a nice quilt Rory, Wouldn't you like to learn to do this with mum rather than play X-Box Rory. No, mum, No, not under any circumstances I would not, but it is a nice quilt and you can make it for me to wrap around me whilst I play X-Box mum.  .You go for your life mum.   

Where's my quilt mum, is it done mum, when's it gonna be finished mum. 

5.     A bag I started for my friend for her birthday in November but went horribly wrong and needs sorting out.

6.      A Noodlehead Super Tote I started for the the Secret Tote Swap but just was not right in any way so is in a bag on a shelf..  Doh.

7.      Something I started for my sister for Christmas 2012, not finished.

8.      A double wedding ring quilt I started for my Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary last June. This proved to be so much more difficult than I anticipated. Nuff said.

9.      A quilt top made (which now I come to photo it has disappeared into thin air) in 2011 with my Dad in mind but to which when shown my Mum gave her customary "hmm". This can mean anything from "meh", to "gross and wouldn't give it houseroom in someone else's house", so its sat in a shoe box, whilst my sister hints she'd like it. In truth I'd like to give it Zoe cos she would love it, but what if it's only meh and mum could live with it and Dad would love it cos I've made it the same as he loves anything I make even if it is really BAD.

10.      A HST quilt which is slavishly ripped off from Catherine at Sew Wonderful Life.  It's started and sitting in a Ziplock Baggy.

I think I'll have to stop there. I do have others but there is No Way Hose I will finish any more than 10 things in three months. More likely to be three things in ten months. Still we shall see. At least just writing them down and photographing them here has given me a bit of kick up the bum. 

Did you notice the pattern that emerges with me, I do the bit I like then leave it, it goes wrong, I just leave it, not sure if the person I made it for will  like it, I just leave it.  SUE'S BIG LIFE LESSON - STOP JUST LEAVING IT!!