Monday, 6 October 2014

Nipping In Quick!

I have my sSsters Ten, Lynn Bob Square Pats Quilt, a Kate Spain apron, the meh quilt, the Half Square Triangle quilt, thtree cut out bee blocks, two poolside totes, a mad splash of colour peplam top, and  a back button blouse.  I don't have photos of all of these and some I have photo'd before, but if I don't jump in now I'll moss the link up again!  Hoping this counts, Katy ...

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I have joined a second bee, The Bumbling Honeys.

For my first block in this group the lovely Jo of asked for a blue block, so far so good.  Please use solids or small scale prints, as many re-purposed as possible, maybe denim or shirts.  Getting better and better by the minute, an opportunity to use all those jeans I've been hoarding collecting for the last few years.  Can it be Wonky and Improv.  Screeches to a halt.  Wonky? Improv?  Now the thing is Wonky and Imrov has to be devil may care, not I've buggered this up and now I've sewn it together.  Which leaves one in the situation of planned spontaneity, neither of which words go together in my book.  Planned or buggered, that's how I roll.

Still, I had a punt:

I quite like it.  I may do some more and make some cushions!