Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Today is a non-pupil day for my kids.  This morniug I was looking out of the window wondering what to do with them as it was drizzling and cold.  They made their own plans.  R's plan cost me though when she paid off the last instalment for her prom dress.  The younger two went out to the local skate ramps on their bikes and in the end K and I picked up a fabric parcel from the Royal Mail.

Over the weekend I did finish the two lots of Christmas bunting that got started at the beginning of December.  They got halfway done and then were waiting for me to sew felt letters on.  When I actually (last week) sewed on a couple of letters I didn't like them anyway, so I took them off, put on the ribbon and hey presto they were done.  Could have had them hanging up after all.  Hey ho.
I used to wander round fabric shops and look at the bolt of quilt fabric and think what is this all about get whatever I wanted and walk out.  When the kids were younger I quite often found when I was woken up, I couldn't get back to sleep so I would get up and iron and watch whatever was on the box.  One night I saw Eleanor Burns.  What she made was beautiful, and she was "so much fun" and just so up beat and positive, a balm to my exhausted soul.  I searched her on the computer, devoured her videos and wanted to learn to quilt.

I also finished the baby's quilt.  This is my first ever started quilt.  Not my first ever finished.  They baby will be two in the summer.When my niece was born I thought baby need something to roll around on an excuse for my first quilt. Haha, she can walk now.  But it is finished. and I am going to send it this afternoon.

Ruby has just spent 10 happy minutes trying to take a picture of me to put up on here without me looking like the hag from hell.  Well, at least I've laughed out loud for 10 minutes.  That's s'posed to be good for your heart.


  1. Well! there is hope for me. I've got 2 baby quilts started for twins which are about 5 months old now, I'll try to get them finished before they are one!

  2. doesnt matter how long it takes to finish... just that you do1 i am sure she will still love it xx