Monday, 13 May 2013

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

A new club has opened in Chelmsford.  It's called Asylum and is run by some of my oldest friends.  It's in the arches under the viaduct and has two bars, one upstairs, one down and is a good spot to play and watch live music.  There is rock, punk and metal downstairs. while upstairs there's acoustic, rock,karaoke and dj s

Here I am on their opening night with my favourite people holding my trusty coke cos, as ususal, I'm the driver.  Yes, that's right I got out of the house, with no children in tow, this year.  Don't faint.

I have to say they did open a few weeks ago but I forgot to blog about it.  I did have a good night though.


  1. Looks great....hope you had fun, and it's good to be able to get out now and then. Best of luck your friends on opening this bar!

  2. Was this post sponsored by Coca Cola? If not, they should send you a fee or a giant inflatable coke bottle to tie to your chimney. Every home should have one.