Friday, 20 April 2012

A Quiet Moment!!

My youngest goes into a school for two hours on a Friday morning so a couple of minutes to say what's been going on recently.
I finished to quilt for Mrs B, my children's other grandma and gave to her last week.  I made this doing the QAL with SewHappyGeek.  It was the first one I've done and I loved the fact that it was a sampler.  As a new quilter I obviously hadn't done any of the blocks before.  I was mostly really chuffed with how it came out, except for the binding which I can tell is going to be my nemesis for a while.  But hey, we've all gotta learn.  I used to know a girl whose mum told us (yes it was that long ago) that there were two things in life, stuff you know and stuff to learn.  30 years later I can still hear her voice.

Panic moment though.  My mum and dad are coming from France to stay with my sister on Monday.  Last night I sat down to finish the quilt I'm making for them (I finished the top a while ago now) and discovered I just did not have enough backing material to do it.  Damn and blast I will have to order some quick and pay for super fast delivery.  NOT something I am known for doing.

My other kids are enjoying a non-pupil day today.  They SHOULD be up and about and working hard at (Ruby) art prep and (K) English A level coursework.  Are they hell, they are loviu a teenage lay-in.  Still, least it's quiet.


  1. come on... the non school days are for having a rest and long lie-in !! you can finish the quilt for your mum and dad,,,, just concentrate xx

  2. I just hope the fabric comes in the next couple of days!

  3. we have a lot of teenage lie ins in this house too!! love the quilt: why don't you put it in for the bloggers quilt festival?

  4. Gorgeous quilt! Those colours are so beautiful...