Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Beautiful Baby is 16

Wow, so where did that go.  Sixteen years since Ruby was born.  There have been some tantrums on the way on both sides believe me.  She has a GCSE exam this afternoon so it's business as usual but we have had a really chilled out morning wherein we worked out how to put a profile picture on this here blog.  I'm not sure if I like it massively yet.  It was taken by my good friend Ginger Snaps possibly at Christmas.  Ruby loves it because she says you can see I was having a good time.  I'm bit bothered that it's no eyes and all bosom.  As it's her birthday I'll take her advice.  For now.

She wants this cakeChocolate & ginger torte
   which is a Ginger and Chocolate Torte, to be found on the BBC good food website.  I am too computer illiterate as yet to have worked out how to do a link thingy so you can click and cook.  But it is there I assure you and when I am done writing and have taken her to school for the Ethics exam I will be baking it.  I hope it's good, Rubes chose it but I havn't done it before so I'll let you know.


  1. Nice one Sue:) Hope the cake was yum:P ? I bet you make lovely cakes! x Ruby is a great young woman now:) I dont recall the piccy.. but then I do get my camera out a lot! lol
    setting up a new site on here called.. "Ginger beer " also.. No quessings as to the nature of that site! lol Still cant find ppl on here ;0 Dont get it! lol

    hazel has her interview for that job, round two today! good luck ruby on exams n HazeL:) hey ttfn Sue Love Sands xxx

  2. OH LOL>. You meant your Profile pic! I DO remember! haha it's fab! :P lol xx

  3. That cake looks and sounds divine - I LOVE ginger....chocolate's okay too ;P. I'm gonna find it and make it. Does Ruby look like Hermione in real life as well as in a pic???

    K xx