Wednesday, 23 May 2012

That Stamp Fabric

I can't remember whose blog I saw this on, but someone had seen this fabric and wanted to know where to get it.  I saw it this morning in the window of a shop that sells up-market wallpaper and home dec fabric.  I love this shop.  It is small, independant and always has beautiful displays in the window.  Anyway if anyone recognises the fabric as the one they want give 'em a ring or emal or summat.

Well, there's a thing, J has pinched my keyboard and taken it to his dad's and left me the mac keyboard with no screenshot button.  I've looked it up and there's a few ways to screenshot via mac but not on a pc.  I was gonna give you a lovely picture of the shop and everything.  Hey Ho.  Its

County Town Interiors
41 Moulsham Street
 CM2 0HY
01245 358 388

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