Thursday, 16 January 2014

Carnival Pants

I've been beavering away on the Lynn Bob Square Pants blocks.  When I started sewing the HSTs Ruby came and looked over my shoulder and commented that she loved the fabrics and asked if I was making it for anyone in particular or was going to sell it.  (They are all on my case to sell, sell, sell.  They are hoping there is a secret million out there, just waiting to be spent on quilts their mother makes.  Little do they know it's only a million buttons!!!)  I told her that originally I just wanted to try out making the blocks in some fabrics I had, then liked it so much I bought more of the batiks to make more blocks and just added in some other colour scraps I had.

At this point she acquired that artful, whistful look teenagers get just before they ask for something.  In somewhat of a coup I pre-empted her and asked if she would like it.  She agreed that she would and then shouted to her little brother," Hey Rory I'm getting a Carnival Pants Quilt" resulting in much riotous hilarity and loud repartitions all around the house.  At this point I must apologise to Lynn for the misappropriation of her block name.

So after sewing in the every spare minute this week I have, Ta Da ... two blocks, some more half square triangles in zip lock bags and 210 3" squares.  Bah, two blocks, pathetic.  its all the cutting and squaring up that takes the time though so fingers crossed next week it'll be, well hopefully, more than another two blocks!

210 3" squares, just in case you didn't know what they look like


  1. I agree I LOVE the colours too x

  2. I found you! Yay! Looks lovely, and reading through some older posts, I think we've probably got a lot in common.....not least a singular lack of enthusiasm towards housework! Looking forward to reading more! xx

  3. We made these blocks in the hipbees for someone- so if you get too bogged down... there is a possibility there... They are gorgeous, and I love the rich colours you are using.

  4. Love the colours! That is a whole lot of little squares! Keep going!