Friday, 10 January 2014

A Good Start

I had to wait in yesterday for a door to be delivered (I also waited in on Tuesday) which has still not arrived.  Lots of teeth gnashing about this,


It did mean I had to do something to fill the empty hours.  OK, to be fair I could have done a considerable amount of housework, but I didn't.  Just saying.  So I sewed.  Following on from having a look at some of my UFOs and linking up with Katy, I thought I would continue with one of my WIPs.

I worked on the Pile o Fabric 2013 BOM which I am making for my youngest son, Rory.  He who likes to be wrapped up whilst playing XBOX.  I managed two and a half blocks:

 The Mood block

The Woven Chevron block

and I started the Shattered Chevron block

Considerably more sewing than I've done for a few weeks.  Pat myself on the back.  Can I finish ten things in three months?


  1. it is SOOO frustrating having to wait ... and wait... and wait .. and w.... at least you were able to get something constuctive done ... MUCH better than housework any day xx

  2. I got a message at 10.30 today to say they were coming at 12.15. I rushed home, they got here at 2.30. Grrr.

  3. Nice mood block. Lovely colours.

  4. Loving those woven chevrons although all those hst's would scare the life out of me. And yes always sew rather than do housework ;-)