Friday, 21 February 2014

One Down, Nine To Go!

Along with lots of others, you know who you are, I have joined Katy at The Littlest Thistle in the Finish Along 2014.  I duly went through all the WIPs and number 5 on the list was a denim bag I had started in a rush for my friend which then went horribly wrong.  I think the clue to myself is that phrase "in a rush".  Never a good start!  Still, today I wrestled it out from the back of the cupboard and took it apart.  I discarded the patchwork side, completely, added more denim and a different lining material and sewed it up again.

In truth, it is a completely different style using a large amount of different fabric, but as it is partly the same and the same project for the same person I'm sticking with it as a finish.

I based it on the Triple Zippy Pouch from Debbie at A Quilters Table.  I used 10 inch zips and worked out the sizes of the fabrics whilst watching a double barrel of The Deathly Hallows this morning.  I then spent most of the afternoon and early evening (with a quick stop to cook pasta) sewing it up.

I forgot exactly how to sew the very last bit together until after I ended up with a three inch gap on the outside so I had to bodge it a little with some Pritt Stick and topstitching but in the end I don't think anyone would actually know (I didn't need to say that did I) so alls well that ends well.

I am actually surprisingly pleased with it and I hope my friend is to.  Phew, a finish at last!

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  1. I love it - it is perfect! Stylish and functional. Thank you for linking up to TGIFF!

  2. Love the bag MS - isn't it lovely when you finally finish something you'd started ages ago. I know the feeling.