Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blog Posts Like Buses

In the three hours or so since I last posted I've made another one,  Much more impressed with how this one has come out.  If the other one was the tester this is the polished article.  The zipper is longer and I put the end cover on at the beginning, before sewing anything else, top stitched around the end of the zipper gap easily, used a fusible interfacing on the outside and lining that is like cotton fabric but with sticky dots.  Lovely to use, my favourite at the moment, I'm not sure what it's called though, I just go in and pick up the roll.  Really I should ask how much for a roll I guess.

I love this fabric.  Way back in April 2012 I entered a giveaway hosted by Quilts From My Crayon Box and won four lovely fat quarters of which these are three.  I was so glad to win (I rarely win anything) and have kept them for just the right project.  Today, whilst on the A12 (my preferred place to think!) in the rain (who isn't) I remembered these and thought this was what they had been waiting for.

What have you got just waiting for the right project?


  1. way to go xx how many more to follow? lol x

  2. Thanks Di. They are really easy once I got to grips with the small things to note.