Saturday, 29 March 2014

It's been a long time, been a long time ...

I started my sewing journey with a four by four tapestry of a grass hut on a desert island with a single palm tree I bought in the co-op when I was eight.  I took it everywhere with me until it was done.  It was never framed and I no longer have it but it was my first step.  I arrived at my senior school sewing classes with much more enthusiasm than ability and worked at it.  I loved it then and I love it now.  At school we were taught to sew clothes, the O Level we took was Needlecraft and Dress.  I had little money and made mini skirts from the remnant bins of the local sewing stores.  You could get fabric from so many places then, all three of our local department stores had a haberdashery department. There were three independants and the market too.  I had a sewing hiatus whilst the kids were young and then I found quilting and I've been sewing more and more but I have not been sewing many clothes.  Not that I can't or don't want to, I've been buying fabric and patterns aplenty.  I've been watching what other bloggers are making and wearing and thinking, me too but I still havn't actually ...

So, whilst browsing I went to which is a fine blog full of sewing inspiration written by Sarai Mitnick.  She is running some posts called Wardrobe Architect encouraging people to examine what they sew, why, whether it does or doesn't work for them and and ultimately to build a wardrobe of items they will love.

She has done it brilliantly spreading it out with printable worksheets.  I have also seen other bloggers forming capsule wardrobes.  Although a bit late to the party I'm loving this idea and will be posting on my responses to Sarai's worksheets and exercises.

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