Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Finish At Last

Yay, I have a finish.  You'll remember from my two previous Finish Along posts that I sent off for this fabric in 2010, pieced it in 2011 and left it in the cupboard for three more years.  I gave it to my friend a few weeks ago and her lovely man photo'd it for me last week.

I am so pleased with it.  My piecing abllity has moved on somewhat since then but it's part of my journey and my friends love it and that is the main thing.

Sandy and the Summer Porch

This is an Elanor Burns pattern called Summer Porch.   I can't remember what the fabric is called as I bought it so long ago, but it came as a layer cake from the Fat Quarter Shop, the first fabric I ordered from "abroad" before I blogged or was aware of the online sewing community, what a world has opened up since then.  I didn't change the actual pattern at all, although there is a mistake, but because I am too bloody lazy on deliberation I decided to leave that in.  It adds to its charm.  I pieced the back, cos the fabric was too small, with some of the squares left over and sashed it with some spurious white cotton that was hanging around.  It's quilted in straight lines an inch apart with white Gutteman thread as that's what I had.  And you know what, I love it and they love it, nuff said.

I will be linking up with Katy at the Littlest Thistle with this post.  It's a solitary offering but that's life.


  1. Congrats on finishing this. It looks great! I love the summery colours :)

  2. just shows that leaving a quilt to mature can be a good idea xx

  3. Congrats on the finish! And it's a Sweetwater line, Sunkissed :o)