Thursday, 26 June 2014

Got A Bit Behind There!

Oops I got a bit behind with my Bee blocks there but I'm all caught up now.

The first was for Rachel who blogs at mamafairy sews.  She had asked for floating stars with a common coloured center and a siggy block.  This was my interpretation:
Green for the center and pinks and oranges around the outside

Never made one of these before, hope it's how it's s'posed to be

Next came Niki who wanted improvised blocks.  I've not done this before but a had a go at wonky square in sqaures which ended up looking like this:
I really rather pleased with how this came out

I've wanted to join a Bee for quite a while but not really felt in a position to but it occured to me that I could be waiting an awfully long time to do anything if I wait for that, so I jumped in with both feet.  So far the Fat Stash Brit Bee has been a bee of firsts for me.  I'm loving the challenge and the ladies are great, talented and friendly, (virtual wave).


  1. Oh I'm sure you'll have fun in the Bees. It's great to make a variety of block and looks like you've made some lovely ones so far.

  2. Love your wonky block - it's very jolly:-)